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You may have found this site because you are a man seeking support with things you find difficult to talk about.

You may have found this site because you are a health-care professional considering how art therapy could support your client.

If there is something you would like to work on and feel drawn to art therapy, I would be happy to discuss whether this would be a good fit and how it may help. Please get in touch with any questions using the contact form, or to arrange a free, no obligation phone consultation.

- Ben Gage, art psychotherapist at BMATS

Our Mission, Our Passion

We provide safe, confidential spaces for men to explore life's challenges when words are not enough.

We believe male-specific therapeutic environments can foster growth by allowing men to experience vulnerability and find strength through sharing with other men.

Every man has a unique story we feel deserves to be heard.

The Power of Art Therapy

We recoginise that many men find putting their emotional difficulties into words extremely challenging; art therapy can provide expression and containment of powerful emotions such as fear, anger and grief. We create spaces where these emotions can find form, then work alongside the individual to explore their artwork in order to begin to make sense of their experiences.

"Men may, because of their conditioning, find it harder to reflect on their feelings or express their feelings so this really helps to even just get it out and have a look. It becomes less powerful therefore you’re less likely to commit suicide or hurt other people; it takes the sting, it takes the power out of it, it takes the violence. For me it took a lot of violence and anger, it put things ‘small size’, in perspective and manageable.” - Joe (BMATS client)

We support men to challenge the emotional and psychological limitations placed upon them to become healthier individuals for themselves, their loved ones and to develop a more conscious and connected society.

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