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Workshops & Training

Are you looking to increase your understanding of art therapy?

Are you curious as to how art therapy might benefit you, a client or your organisation?

I offer a range of experiential workshops and training sessions for professionals, educational institutions and private organisations.

Current Sessions Available

An Introduction to Art Psychotherapy - 2 hour experiential training session

This training is designed for anyone with an interest in art therapy. The session is a blend of theory, group discussion, practical exercises and case study examples. We will explore the relationship between art-making and the mind, look at the different memories, meaning and emotion we experience when relating to different materials, and discuss how a safe therapeutic environment is created, sustained and closed. The session will involve group work, however all participation is voluntary. Participants do not require previous experience with art therapy or art-making.


  • Introduction to Basic Principles

  • Experiential 1: Material Qualities & Directive Working

  • Experiential 2: Group Process & Non-Directive Working

  • Outcomes & Endings - includes client film

This training includes:

  • A Basic Principles booklet

  • Full use of all art materials

  • Ownership of artwork created within the session

  • CPD certificate

Session cost will depend on group size and location (prices cover the cost of whole group):

  • £150 for a group session (1- 4 participants) at our St Werburghs Space

  • £150 for a group session in the Bristol area at your own venue (up to 8 participants)

  • £200 for a group session in the Bristol area at your own venue (8 - 20 participants)

  • For sessions outside of the Bristol area, travel cost will need to be considered. Sessions for groups larger than 20 are available, please enquire using the form below.

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"Excellent! One of the most enjoyable training sessions I can remember. Well paced & presented, a lot of info explained well and very thought provoking at times." - Participant (Introduction to Art Psychotherapy training session)

What Participants Say...

“A very informative training session which powerfully explained and demonstrated how art therapy can work and explored some of the issues involved such as people’s history with groups or having art therapy having an impact positive or negative to their interaction, as well as how to create positive closure and ownership of work.”

"I really liked the variety of activities - involving the whole group & pair work. I really enjoyed talking about art therapy and learning the value of this."

"I found it very powerful & enlightening."

"I loved how many choices this course provided. I would recommend people to this. Thank you :-)"

"Brilliant session, both professionally (to find out about art therapy so I feel confident to refer people) but also personally. Thank you."

"This was a breath of fresh air. I got a feel for art therapy. Really brilliant facilitator. Engaging + approachable."

“Very informative. Art therapy triggers a more elemental side of people which they would otherwise never access ...because it is through artistic mediums - so isn't intrusive."

"Insightful & informative for my practice as a support worker, good balance between theory, talking and practice."

"Covered a wide range of content - very engaging and informative. I'm left feeling more curious about art therapy."

"Really interesting! I will use this session when working with service users in the care home where I work."

"Very thought provoking, and engaging loved the linking of the service users experiences to what the facilitator is doing. Felt the video of the artists discussion of their work very powerful."

"Fascinating insights, useful information."

“This was a really good introduction to art therapy and it makes me want to learn more. I can see what we learned today is the tip of the iceberg. I felt the space was really well held, very clam and supportive. Thank you.

"Excellent! One of the most enjoyable training sessions I can remember. Well paced & presented, a lot of info explained well and very thought provoking at times."

"Really helpful. Well facilitated and felt safe."

"Super interesting and hands on which is great. Thank you :-) Helpful to consider the value for art therapy and to reflect through a third body such as art."

"Brilliant. Thanks so much for this introduction to art therapy. I feel I can convey to my clients what to expect - which is key information for them."

"Very interesting, has made me reflect on art & creativity in my life and that I would like to explore it further"

If you would like to book a training session for yourself or your organisation please use the booking form below.

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