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Pilot Project 2018

Phase 2 - Staff Training Sessions

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Location: St Mungo's Recovery College, New Street

Duration: 120 minutes

Group Size: Maximum 8

Frequency: As required

Pilot: 5 sessions delivered over 12 months



Sessions were designed to orientate team to the theoretical and practical underpinnings of the work, demonstrate safe and held practice through experiential learning, and enable professionals to make informed referrals to the men’s art therapy service. The sessions also provide practical information to those considering offering art therapy within their place of work.



A 2-hour experiential training session consisting of teaching, group discussion, practical exercises, and case studies. Illustrated training booklets detailing the core principles of art therapy were also provided for participants use during the session and to take with them afterwards.

Participant Feedback

Participants were invited to complete a feedback form at the end of the session; on a five-point scale ranging from ‘very satisfied’to ‘very unsatisfied’participants reported the following;


To the question, how happy were you with this session?

  • 78% stated being "very satisfied"

  • 22% stated being "satisfied"


To the question, how happy were you with your facilitator?

  • 100% stated being "very satisfied"


To the question, how happy were you with the materials?

  • 78% stated being "very satisfied"

  • 22% stated being "satisfied"

When given the opportunity to give further feedback on the session participants stated:


“Excellent! One of the most fun training sessions I can remember. Well paced and presented. A lot of info explained well and very through provoking at times.”


“Really helpful. Really enjoyed it.”


“Really enjoyed the session. Found it powerful and enlightening.”


“Very relaxed and informal session. It wasinformative and thought provoking around the benefits of art therapy for my clients.”


“This was a really good introduction to art therapy and it makes me want to learn more. I can see what we learnt today is the tip of the iceberg.”


“I felt the space was really well held, very calm and supportive. Thank you.”


“I felt a lot was covered and discussed in 2 hours and I have gained some knowledge of how art therapy can work for people.”

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